Born to Play

Helping children reach their full potential.

Trained by coaches with 10+ years of experience. Every term, they embark on a training schedule that ensures children and teenagers, regardless of skill, can go further and advance their football passion.


Born to Play has one of the most talented football academies in Amsterdam. Every year, about 20-30 players per season move on to various BVO’s in the Netherlands.

Born to Play FC

Born to Play FC creates a unique environment for (potential) professional players over the age of 18 to develop and take the next step in their career.

Player Development Agency

Assisting our clients in developing their skills at the highest level.

Physical training and skills development are crucial for success at all levels, but strength and conditioning also factors into the longevity of a player’s career.

Business Management

Player Development Agency offers contract negotiating services.

Player Marketing

Having a strong personal brand is critical for any athlete today.

E – Legtric bikes

Currently cycled in the Netherlands, Colombia and Norway.

E-Legtric S.A.S. is a company based in Colombia, with its head office in Itagui. It operates in the Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies Merchant Wholesalers industry


Fast and flexible. Cut back expenses. Future of transportation.


Nature-friendly. Improve fitness. Wide variety of designs

Markooij Uitzendbureau

The right match between companies and job seekers.

Temporary work is one of the most effective ways to quickly and at any time have the right capacity and competences.

Dutch Pro Services

For a more welcoming home.

Organisation, communication and  love for what they do is the backbone of Dutch Pro services professionality.

Vakantie in Benidorm

Vacations are centered around the things that call that new place home.

Interesting people, unique cuisines and cultural adventures transform our temporary residence into our destination.

Top Quality

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Stylish Modern

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Why Design Matters

Why it matters

Far from being some sort of luxury or add-on, good design changes how we feel and interact.

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